Why You Want Things NOW

Everybody wants.

And there will always be a moment in time where our wants will outweigh our current standing in fulfilling them.

Sure, sometimes we just have to start from scratch.

But sometimes the discrepancy between what you want and what you have is so glaring, it’s just discouraging and people give up.

Why are we so impulsive?

Our predecessors benefited from being impulsive as it aided in them in their survival. Impulsivity would save their lives by making snap decisions in life-threatening situations. Impulsivity would compel them to pass on their genes.

Because of their nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle, our predecessors ate high calorie and calorically dense foods whenever they got the chance to avoid the unpredictable periods of food shortage.

That’s why we have the strongest cravings for nutrients that were essential but incredibly rare in the environment (sugar, fat, salt).

This sort of impulsivity was essential for survival and that’s why our need for instant gratification is deeply etched in our emotional brain (limbic system).

When impulsivity isn’t helpful

Nowadays, our impulsivity works against us. Many people mentally masturbate over new projects and goals but not many act on them.

In our default state of impulsivity, we immediately want to have a successful business. We want a Ferrari. We want a new house.

People feel a lot of stress and negativity because of the discrepancy between their wants and the current state of affairs.

People put too much pressure on themselves to yield results NOW and their bodies are chronically flooded with stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

Impulsivity is just a bundle of stress hormones telling you to act

What’s important is to realise that all this stress is supposed to propel you to act. You need to funnel that ingrained impulsivity to drive you to act.

And the moment you do act is the moment where you experience a bit of psychological ease because something has finally been done, things have started to move, you have taken the first few steps.

Your body flooding itself with stress hormones actually paid off because it got you to finally act and hopefully you would have enjoyed the process of your action.

Start building something today.

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