Know Your ‘Why’ & a Thank You to What My Bro Said Readers

I’ve been blogging consistently for 2months now.

I have managed to publish a new post every Monday since the end of October 2015. Sometimes I even managed to get a new post out on the odd Thursday.

Going into the new year,  I will continue to create fresh quality content for your enjoyment.

Thank you for sticking around.

Some have stuck by since day one. Some have found the messages on this blog to be of value only recently.

Either way – welcome and thank you for your readership.

It hasn’t been easy keeping to a schedule, especially with constant doubts creeping in.

Doubting yourself sucks. And we all do it.

But as long as you trust the process in whatever it is that you do – you’ll be fine.

Doubt is a natural part of the process. But don’t let it sway you from the system you’ve built for yourself.

Your gym-going routine. Your ‘saving more, spending less’ regime.Your healthy eating habit. The structure that accommodates your writing.

Don’t break the chain of little successes you might have going for you. Don’t stop the momentum.

Even if you experience a hiccup – get right back on it. As long as it’s an outlier in the grander scheme of things, there’s nothing to worry about.

But above all else – know your ‘why’. 

Whenever you take up a project – either it be investing in yourself somehow, investing in something long-term or whatever – you have to know your ‘why’.

Why are you doing whatever you are doing?

This will help give you direction, a sense of purpose in what you’re doing, as well as a reason to keep going when times are tough.

My ‘why’ for whatmybrosaid

I have a list of reasons why I started whatmybrosaid. Sometimes, I re-read them as a reminder.

Yes, I’ve written them down. There’s something magical about writing things down. Active commitment.

It grounds me in and brings me back to centre.

I’ve written about a few general reasons in my previous post where I share 10 reasons why I think you should blog.

But above all else, I really wanted to improve my writing skills. Writing is such an irreplaceable skill and it’s something I simply crave to master

I also wanted to be read more so that it would supercharge my 2015 New Year’s Resolution of reading 15 books (I’ll tell you whether I succeeded or failed in a future post.)

By reading more, I wanted to synthesise huge amounts of cool info in easily digestible posts for you to enjoy.

In doing this, I would my own add unique spins on ideas that I could share here. I feel that with my psychology background, I’d be able to introduce things in a new, interesting light.

And you’d be able to benefit from this.

And with time maybe we’d be able to build a community of people who love linking ideas together. Who knows.


Know your ‘why’ and never forget it.

Hopefully my ramblings add value to your life – at least in some minute, nuanced way.

Thank you for your time and trust,


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