What My Bro Said 6-Month Digest

It’s been 6-months since I started What My Bro Said.

Who would’ve known that I’d be able to consistently write for you every single Monday (and the odd Thursday) since October 2015.

By now, I have posted 40 articles (this is the 40th!).

Enjoy the Phase of Life You Are Currently In” was my first post to have been read by 1000 readers in a single day.

For the entire month of March 2015, I challenged myself to post every Monday and Thursday. And so I posted a record 9 articles during that month.

As a 6-month digest, below are the articles that you guys enjoyed the most (categorised by topic).

Thank you for your time, trust, and support.


4 Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Improve Your Productivity

The Magic Time Frame For Maximum Productivity

How to Schedule Time For Uninterrupted Focus


What You Need to Know About Willpower

How To Improve Your Willpower

What Depletes Your Willpower And What You Can Do About It

Behavioural Economics/Behavioural Science

The One Thing That Will Help You Make Good On The Promises You Made To Yourself And Others

Don’t Fall into The Mindset of The Now: A Post Based On Behavioural Economics Principles

Why Pregnant Women Change Their Mind


Contributions of Hermann Ebbinghaus to Memory: An Essay

Why Your Mindset Matters

What Popcorn Can Teach Us About Habits

001: Psychology Of Physical Sensation: Interview With Christopher Eccleston [Podcast]

6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Better Control Your Cravings

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Last The Entire New Year


Vitamin D: D for Depression

Book Reviews

Summary: The Dip by Seth Godin

Review: How To Win At College By Cal Newport

Life Lessons & Life Advice (courtesy of people older and smarter than me)

Enjoy the Phase of Life You Are Currently In

Give Yourself Permission

Are You Playing The Long Game?

How to Get Lucky at Life

4 Time-Tested Ways To Model Success

6 Reasons Why You Should Find a Mentor

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