Act on Strategy to Get What You Want

Here you are.

Behind you are the roads you’ve travelled.

Some are less travelled, others not taken.

But that’s the past. No need to dwell on it too much; heed the lessons and move on.

“Life has to be lived forwards and reviewed backwards.” – Søren Kierkegaard

You turn around and look forward.

As you look ahead – roads, long and paved with potholes.

A few of them might lead you to some pretty dark alleys.

But then there’s the road you want to take.

But wanting is not enough – you have to walk the walk.

How do you get there?

You have to have a strategy; even the slightest veneer of an overarching strategy can take you far.

“Strategy is the essence of human action—the bridge between an idea and its realization in the world.” –The 50th Law by Robert Greene

You don’t have to know the strategy inside-out just yet.
After all,  you can’t see that far.
But if you can make out something, anything, and you know you are willing to get there – walk.
Walk diligently, purposefully, and consistently towards where you want to be and look forward to the harvest you will inevitably reap from your journey.

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