Build Systems to Reach Your Goals

December 31st, 2013 – I told myself I’d read 12 books.

A whole year later, I’d read only 8 books.

So I made the same New Year’s Resolution again and still fell short of the mark another year later.

Two years in a row I failed at the same old resolution.

So on December 31st, 2015 – I told myself that I’m going to forget about making any other resolutions and vowed that I would completely focus on hitting my goal of reading books for the year.

But not 12 this time, but 15.

Why I failed 2 years in a row

I really wanted to read consistently.

I thought that by making a New Year’s Resolution, it’d be enough to read 12 books in the year.

One book a month – doesn’t sound too bad, right?

But this is why I failed two years in a row.

It’s because the goal was to read 12 books.

No specifics on how to do that, no system to carry me towards achieving my long-term goal.

Setting a big goal like that without having a plan on how to do it is setting yourself up for failure.

What’s different this year

So far – I’ve read 12 books this year.

How’d I do it?

What’s different is that I have a system that’s helping me achieve my goal.

And my system is this:

Always read on the train (to and fro university, work, whatever)

Always read when in transit (Eurostar, plane, whatever)


It seems vague but I travel everyday.

And if I can read 10 pages one way and another 10 pages on my way back home – that’s some decent chunk of reading done.

To get even more reading done, I just to fill empty pockets of time by reading an e-book on my phone.

Waiting for the lift, waiting for a meeting, waiting for a friend etc.

That’s my system.

All there is to it.

Goals seem like insurmountable mountains to climb; systems are the baby steps that will actually get you to the top.

What system can you create for yourself to make sure you hit your goals?

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P.S. Thanks for reading.